The Case of the Creative Caterers

The Case of the Creative Caterers

Blend. A Catering Company.

Professional chefs turned caterers.


Blend was a newly rebranded company, and was in essence starting from scratch. The brand centered around the owners and their classical chef training background. Their new brand did an excellent job of telling their story and the website needed to match that new vision, while also distinguishing them from the many other caterers in the area.

The main problem was how to make them stand out in an over-saturated market.


Blend wanted to appeal to higher-end clients, along with showcasing their creative chops. The website needed to stand out from the typical catering website, most of which looked very basic, out-dated, and only had a small bit of information (basically, some pictures and a phone number).

Blend’s site needed to get people to see the amazing work they did, as well as buy-in to their story — why they became caterers instead of chefs, and what fuels their passion for creating amazing food and experiences.


  • Help Blend stand out from the crowd
  • Highlight Blend’s classical chef training background
  • Showcase Blend’s variety and catering style
  • Appeal to high-end clientele





  • Create a story. Catering can be more than amazing food. When you talk to the owners, they have such a fire and passion for what they do, and the creativity they inspire, that we wanted to be sure to share that story.
  • Lots of navigation. Navigation doesn’t have to just be at the top of your website. Several paths leading to the same places. Placing picture boxes with simple headlines linking to other pages is a great way to put navigation in other places.
  • Sample Menus, Catering FAQs, and a great Gallery. Users come to a catering website to get information about catering. So… we decided to give them what they came for! Menus giving ideas, answers to common questions, and beautiful pictures really educate users about catering, and especially what Blend catering can do.


  • Clients are educated through the “Catering FAQ” section, leading to highly qualified catering requests.
  • Nearly 90% of requests turn into sales.
  • The Gallery and Sample Menus are some of the most highly-trafficked pages on the site.
  • Clients fall in love with the owners and their story, leading to extreme client loyalty.


While people may come to your site for a particular reason (i.e. catering information), use that to your advantage — still give users what they want, but show them the real people behind the company. Letting people see the passion and story behind your business creates super-glue customer loyalty.

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