The Case of the Hum-Drum Scientists

The Case of the Hum-Drum Scientists


Manufacturing company creating customized asphalt products.


This company creates products that make our roads and homes safer, who knew?

No one, actually.

U.S. Polyco sells their products to contractors and city engineers to use in paving projects (asphalt, duh!), and as sealants for roofs. Pretty boring, right? Wrong! They are actually a bunch of really cool and ingenuitive scientists. Talking with them I felt like I was talking to Bill Nye the Science Guy. They have all sorts of fun science-y toys to help them simulate weather conditions, impact resistance, and even lighting their products on fire.


  • Site not engaging
  • Doesn’t highlight products
  • Resources not easily available
  • Not generating sales

Unfortunately, their website didn’t tell this story at all. It just gave the dry run-down that we’d probably expect of a company selling this type of product.

Their website didn’t draw people into learning more about their products. In fact, their website did nothing to help them increase sales. It also made it hard to reference needed technical data. Overall, it wasn’t helping move their company forward.



A website is a huge opportunity to show off who you are. Why should scientists be any less cool than everyone else when it comes to marketing?

U.S. Polyco needed their products—and the science behind them—to be in the spotlight, so that their customers could see the amazing qualities and benefits, ultimately encouraging people to call.


  • Help increase product awareness
  • Help customers see U.S. Polyco’s capabilities
  • Make resources easily available
  • Get people to call!





  • Restructured the site map. Site structure isn’t about getting everything on your site—it’s about leading your user where you want them to go.
  • Used pictures and videos to tell their story. Videos and large pictures throughout help keep the user engaged in the content.
  • Reduced the technical jargon. Rather than focusing on all the technical information about the science, we described the benefits to the customer instead.
  • Easy-to-find resources. If you have technical information to share, don’t hide it away. Make finding it super-duper easy.
  • Easy-to-contact. Enlarged the contact information and put it on the bottom of each page.
  • Easy navigation, everywhere! For a site that has several pages, making navigation available no matter where you are on the page just makes it that much easier on the user.


  • Customers understand what U.S. Polyco does and their capabilities to deliver top-quality products
  • Customers are more informed about what product they need
  • More qualified sales calls results in higher sales
  • Sales team uses this site as their go-to resource when initiating sales calls, and for cross-selling products.


  • Headlines that will grab you. We wanted people to know exactly where they were and what each page was about.
  • Added a more conversational tone to the copy. Just because we’re talking science doesn’t mean we can’t have some flair to the language.


  • Editorial-style photos and layouts. Taking pictures of their scientists doing all their cool science stuff was what really brought the new site to life.
  • Friendly photos. Genuine smiles, and friendly faces make this company seem real and approachable.
  • Using type to highlight the message. We had some really fun headlines, so we wanted to make sure that they were SEEN.
  • Keeping is simple and clean, but NOT boring. We used the hexagon motif from the logo as a light pattern in the background.
  • Bright and colorful accent colors to accent things keeps the new site energetic, leading the user through the navigation.


No matter what type of industry you are in, highlight who you are and what you do. Don’t shy away from bold visuals and headlines—they will help people engage with your site.

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